Well guys, it’s been a long time, again; since I posted an ADG Insider. I guess we should look at these posts as rare unique moments and now is definitely a good time for another one. This time around we are talking about all the new new news coming out of E3 and gaming events this summer. I’m also updating on you on my format this week and what to expect.

*Please note I will not be posting on social media as much as before maybe once every day or two*

My plan is too mainly post as many interesting games that I see or here about from these events. Games like Halo: Infinite, Life Is Strange 3, Marvel Avengers: Guardians Of The Galaxy, World War Z: Aftermath, Mortal Shell: The Virtual Cycle, Battlefield 2042, and other that have or will be announced; just to name a few. I will do my best to include as much news while also continuing my other projects.

Also, I’m trying to wrap up my reviews for Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, Neptunia: Re*Verse, and Guilty Gear Strive this week while bringing other things into the mix.

Last but not least, I will not be posting all my posts as often in fact I’m thinking about posting once ever once or two days as I want people to follow my pages and channel to be honest. I found out some just follow in one spot and that’s okay I just prefer if you do that it’s least here and YouTube as it generates me the funds I need for my work.

Thanks for supporting my content and please continue to do so with interactions across this site, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all of social media. People have no idea how much content creations and game coverage take. Things like this help inspire and also support the creator to be able to continue these things. Thanks again.