Well, weeks ago I announced the return of ADG Universe EX and while it went live weeks ago one after the other; I’m just now getting around to posting. Still if you haven’t seen it, here it is in its glory. Sheamus makes his debut vs Rey Mysterio in the kickoff show!. Charly Caruso shows up to interview Becky Lynch! Who becomes the women & men’s Money In The Bank 2nd ever carriers in ADG Universe EX?! All this and more including the long awaited ADG Universe EX championship bouts!

Also, be aware if you missed the announcements on social media, I will no longer be putting any wrestling content on my AntDaGamer*ADG Entertainment channel..all wrestling content will go up on ADG Wrestling Games Network as I attempt one more run for the wrestling games community to adore me again. So sub there and support if you want me to keep making wrestling content. Right now I’m doing it without really being monetized.

Also, in the future I will give details and credits in my descriptions on YouTube of the CAWs and attire creators. Right now only notable one really I remember is Shotzi Blackheart by ILY-SUP. Creations like this is much appreciated and needed for this show to be unique and memorable without extreme hacking. Thank you even if I didn’t mention you.

*Charly Caruso is by me and I’ll upload it on request.

*Note the Kay Lee Ray on the thumbnail isn’t the one I used on the show but I will be using the one in the thumbnail going forward* I will also update this and future episodes when I figure out once again who did it as I forgot and can’t find it on Twitter at the moment.*