I know these types of posts aren’t for everyone and I try not to do them often but we have reached a new stage again in my content creation. My Neuropathy and other chronic pain have gotten worse to coincide with my day-to-day balance with my other illnesses such as chronic fatigue, major mental anxiety, and depression just to name a few.

You may have noticed a lack of posts this past week again after trying to go hard with news posts again and this may just be the way things are now. I do game every day a good bit as it sometimes helps me keep my mind off the pain. I just don’t always feel like doing commentary like this as I’m scared at times of how my commentary will turn out. So I want to make videos, that go from no commentary to mild/minor aka as I call it; chill commentary. In fact, this past week I already did some video walkthroughs.

Another thing I need to mention about the ADG Entertainment videos is that they will be mainly in two formats of ADG Plays & ADG Finishes. In ADG Plays you will mostly get the full game. ADG Finishes you may just get main points, great scenes, and they may start in the middle. This will be decided by where I’m at in the game to figure out how it will be showcased on the channel. Most new games if I get them will start at the beginning as usual and I’ll even at least try mild commentary for the first.

As far as ADG Wrestling Games Network, I’m doing my best to figure a way to least finish the current seasons of APW MyUniverse and ADG Universe Ex. These might be slightly edited with commentary and done twice or so a week. I may fast forward the schedule soon as contenders are decided as well to the Pay-Per-View moments. Still a lot of unknown territories or if I can do this but I’m going to try to.

A few final things to wrap this up. This isn’t just about my health, to be honest, this is about my age; but mainly about my health! LOL. I’m kind of getting up there in my age and I want to just enjoy games. Some of you may remember me talking about this before when I had problems with my voice and got scared. Here we are again. This time I’m sure this is my path. I’m satisfied with enjoying life and doing content creation as just a hobby. I don’t have to make it anymore but I feel like I did. This isn’t truly an end game anyway just a new era. Love, Peace, Prosperity, And Keep Gaming.