Okay, I mentioned earlier about change and mainly concentrating on enjoying games in the recent ADG Insider due to my pains, health, and wanting to just enjoy life. This one implements balance as some commentary is there as I play a game that appears courtesy of NIS America who provided me a code for the base game and myself….who bought the BlazBlue add-on DLC. Both are available now. Enjoy, me playing through this adventure in an amazing but perilous land with amazing characters like Rowena who wants to save her son from danger.

In a world covered in miasma, a floating castle is the last refuge for mankind. The earth is scarred with creatures altered by the plague while Welkin Castle is isolated in the sky from the horrors below.

Lucien, a charismatic politician protected within the castle’s walls, discovers an ancient book where he learns of the Exemplars, weapons that can turn into sentient soldiers. He joins forces with Rowena, a revenant determined to find a way to come back to life to raise her living son, and the two reluctantly make a pact to overthrow the mad tyrant controlling Welkin.

Get ready to blaze into battle!
The new BlazBlue cosmetic DLC lets your Exemplars take on the appearance of powerful fighters such as Ranga the Bloodblade and Jin Kisaragi. Prepare to decimate your enemies in style!

The Cosmetic Bundle includes 12 Exemplar BlazBlue Costumes and is available for purchase now on the PlayStation™ Store and Nintendo eShopPlus, enjoy the Japanese Voice Bundle DLC for free!

Check out the DLC trailer, and get a copy of your own for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch.

Learn more on the official website.