WWE 2K22 continues to add more quality to what is in my opinion their best entry, yet. Patch 1.07 is here to continue working on players’ issues with certain bugs and glitches as many continued to have issues with renders and crashing after the last patch. This patch continues to work on that, online and more. See the full details below.

PATCH UPDATE 1.07 – 03.28.22


Hey, WWE 2K players, we have a hotfix for you that improves the stability of Create a Superstar when using a large number of original creations with custom portraits. 


  • Addresses reported concerns of instability resulting from players applying 35 or more custom image renders to original superstars in Create a Superstar.
  • Improves a reported concern that online instability may occur when one or more users has empty custom portraits.
  • Addresses a reported concern of an issue that may occur when a player accepts an online game invite while WWE 2K22 is in a suspended state.