Courtesy of Idea Factory International, your manz, yours truly got to play one of their latest games, Little Witch Nobeta, “For The First Time”. Join me for the first 10 plus minutes of the game and learn more about the gameplay alongside my thoughts and impressions of it.

Fans can check out the official website to see where they can purchase the PS4 or Switch versions of the game.

About Little Witch Nobeta
The little witch Nobeta came to an ancient castle to solve the mystery of where she hails from.

After meeting a mysterious black cat, she will learn many magical spells and abilities which will prepare her for the dangers that lie ahead.

What secrets are hidden in the depths of the weathered castle?
Key FeaturesBetter. Faster. Stronger. Witchier. – The castle is full of mighty monsters and even mightier bosses. As you progress, your adversaries will get stronger, so you’ll need to as well. Collect Soul Essences from defeated enemies and use them to strengthen your abilities and take down the Crafted Souls!

Get Crafty! – The bosses known as Crafted Souls will present a huge challenge, and they won’t be easy to take down. You’ll need to develop a strategy if you want to beat them. Dodge their attacks at just the right time to take control of the battle.

Magical Mystery Tour – On your journey you may find your path blocked. Use your mastery of elemental magics to solve puzzles and unlock new areas of the castle to explore. You may even find some hidden treasure lying around.

The Truth is in There – Collect items around the castle and learn more about Nobeta’s dark and mysterious world.
Product Information
TitleLittle Witch Nobeta
Console: PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: March 7, 2023
Release format: Physical, Digital
Developer: Pupuya Games / Simon Creative
Genre: 3D Action Shooter
Player(s): 1
Voiceover option(s): Japanese
Language Format (Subtitles) – English, French, Spanish