Join me, proud Deep Silver Creative Collectiver member, AntDaGamer, for this live ADG Plays full DLC walkthrough of Saints Row: The Heist And The Hazardous via Xbox Series X. See every epic moment from start to finish as the saints pull off a Hollywood level heist against Chris Hardy for revenge.

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Saints Row – The Heist and The Hazardous Campaign DLC

When obnoxious movie star Chris Hardy double-crosses the Boss on a successful assassination hit, the Saints take sweet revenge with a swaggering, stylish, black-tie heist.

Set in the opulent district of Sunshine Springs, this expansion delivers brand new story missions for 1-2 players, and slick new cosmetics, rewards and tools of destruction to use across the main campaign.

This pack includes:

• 3 new campaign missions • MDI-815A helicopter • Pain & Gain weapon • Kaijuice wingsuit events • Sunshine Springs Mini-HQ • 18 new outfits and cosmetics • 4 new wingsuit designs • And more!


So we told you about the new DLC, but what you don’t know is just how much work we have put into the main game for everyone.

The new city districts will be FREE for ALL players, meaning everyone will get a chance to explore totally new areas of Santo Ileso this year and the world encounters and activities that come with that whether you purchase the DLC packs or not! We’re excited to announce that the first of these new districts is called Sunshine Springs and will land alongside the first expansion in May.

And while there’s lots of content on the way for our Expansion Pass players, we’re still hard at work refining the Saints Row experience through more quality of life updates, continued bug fixing, and community requested features including a photo mode, retooled combat, a whole new emotes system, and more. Here is the roadmap once more:


The Heist and The Hazardous Campaign DLC – comes with the Expansion Pass

Sunshine Springs New District – Free for all players

Quality of Life Update – including Selfie Mode, combat improvements and so SO much more – Free for all players