Alot Of Resident Evil 6 Goodies In The Upcoming Weeks –

Capcom is always sure to be a major force at Comic-Con with their incredible villains and heroes of comic value. This year was no different with their fighting franchises and with other games like Okami and Resident Evil 6. They showed off a demo and it was even live at for fans viewing pleasure. You can now see this short trailer , thanks to Capcom.

I have it also on good word their RE6 fans will be receiving loads of content in the next couple of weeks and this trailer is just the start.

Dear Anthony,

Last week’s San Diego Comic-Con saw the debut of a brand new playable build of Resident Evil 6 featuring missions for the game’s three protagonists – Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller – as well as an RE6 panel where the development team showcased further new content from the title. Over the course of this week we will be bringing you fresh assets from one of this year’s most hotly anticipated games and to kick things off we have the SDCC trailer.

Enjoy the trailer, follow the blog, and get news here soon as its available.