So you looking to dash up your PS3 with some hot eye candy. Why not swag it up with Sexy Mechanic, Laura Dore on your PS3. This theme features the popular beautiful model Laura Dore as seen  in Smooth, XXL, Show, and more.

Need Help Finding And Downloading This Swag! Well Look Below!

How to download the Laura Doré Sexy Mechanic theme on PS3:

1. Log into the PlayStation Store
2. Go to Games
3. Select PS3 Themes
4. Select Dynamic Themes
5. In top right, sort by name: A-Z
6. Navigate to Laura Doré Sexy Mechanic theme.

How to install 
Laura Doré Sexy Mechanic theme:

1. From the Settings icon on the XMB (Xross Media Bar), scroll to the Theme Settings option.
2. Press the X button to display the Theme menu
3. Press the X button again to display a list of themes that are available for use.
4. Scroll to the Laura Doré Sexy Mechanic theme.

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