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Let’s flashback to this year’s E3 2012. Large amounts of fans that was in shock to see Dana White on stage with EA. We knew right then and there what was going down. Even though it came out of nowhere. Fans of EA games have wanted the UFC brand on their games for a while. THQ seeming had released the rights to the franchise and now UFC and EA can work together on the next game.

It would only make sense that a team that has mad great fighting games do it for UFC. In my opinion, I’m skeptical on this. Maybe, cause I’m not the biggest fan of boxing these days or it could be the fact that Fight Night games haven’t been so great over the past few years. I do hope this game will be good. As an owner of all the current gen UFC titles, I hope EA’s Fight Night developers gives this game justice.

Dean Richard & Brian Hayes are the lead developers of this EA UFC project. Hayes, the creative director recently had this to say:

“When we found out that EA and the UFC would be working together, the team was excited. Most of the team didn’t even know about it until the announcement at E3. We were all watching it together and when Andrew Wilson and Dana White took the stage, everybody starting cheering. It was great.”

“For me personally, the UFC is something that I grew up with. I remember watching the first UFC events when I was a teenager and it’s amazing to see how they have evolved and flourished. Ultimately, we’re huge fans, we think we have a great team and we are really excited to be taking on this new challenge. We look forward to bringing the UFC video game experience to new heights.”

Facts About The EA Fight Night Team

1. The Fight Night team has won numerous awards since the release of Fight Night Round 3 including 11 ‘Best Sports/Fighting Game of the Year’ Awards

2. The Fight Night team is one that is known for innovation within the genre and the industry:

· Fight Night 2004 revolutionized fighting gameplay with ‘Total Punch Control’, an innovative control scheme which made use of the right analog stick and changed the way you play fighting games forever.

· Fight Night Round 4 introduced real-world physics to the sports videogame category.

3. Fight Night Round 3 was a launch title for the X360 and showed the world what a next-gen sports game was capable of. The lead gameplay designer from FNR3 is heading up gameplay design for EA SPORTS UFC.

The EA UFC developer team has been hard at work this past weekend at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas. They took the time to scan various UFC fighters for the latest game and to get connected with the fans. I love seeing this type of dedication.

EA was using the highest tech with up to 16 cameras in place. These cameras would capture all the detail they need to capture their likenesses. You could also see cards in place that they would use later to get the attires and other things correct as possible.

Cards that will be used for in game modeling & more.

While the UFC team was in attendance, they was giving a tour of the Ultimate Fighting Gym. They were seen taking photos of the gym for the upcoming game.


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