Hi, guys I know its been a long time since AWE NXT. It was far beyond my control except yesterday. Which is why today there will be AWE NXT. It will take place sometime after 4PM EST. So stay tuned on Twitter.

This week’s superstar of the week goes to Dean Ambrose. While, Dean didn’t win his individual matchup and went out in the same fashion as he did his last week. He managed to win a big battle royal over the NXT locker room and even pin Ryback. Congratulation to Dean Ambrose and his manager PKVersion1.

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Top 5 Superstars Of NXT

1. Ryback – XPerfectZephyr – 10
2.  Ambrose – PKVersion1 – 9
3. Rhyno – Cdbot: 9
4. Sin Cara – H.Micheal – 7
5. Brian Kendrick – metalgear – 4