I just realized how big of a platform I have to offer people. 1000’s of people come to AntDaGamer.Com , even when I don’t post here often for gaming news. Even more at I have decided to open my page up to people with a passion to talk about gaming and do anything related to gaming. It can be youtube stars, live streamers and more just hit me up at and I will see if we can help each other. I will develop a platform that can help people achieve their dreams. People who get major hits will be offered a spot to do work at my page. Only thing I’m guaranteeing right now is a platform to get your name out their maybe more in the future.

Also lets welcome a new Contributer, Slim Gosa. He has his own FB page ( and we are a fans of each other’s work. We will be forming an alliance to help each other grow. You will be seeing content from him and me on the FB page soon.