You fans voted for it and it is here. Voted on by the Facebook community, Beast Of America Trailer, will have you checking out the streets and skies of Columbia. You will see new innovative ways to use your Sky-Hook. Elizabeth will tour you across the city as your wingman and combatant.

For those interested in earning in-game items before the game releases. Lazy 8 Studios in collaboration with Irrational Games has announced Bioshock: Industrial Revolution which is also featured in the new trailer.

To gain access to this free application all you have to do is pre-order at to get started earn in-game items before release.

BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution is a puzzle game in which you assume the role of a factory worker within the sky-city of Columbia. You complete increasingly difficult puzzles while learning more about the warring factions in the game and earning in-game rewards.

There are nearly 60 puzzles to play, and they are all FREE!