Hey guys, AntDaGamer here. I wanted to update you guys on this personal site. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really operating my sites to their full potential. Especially this one. With school, my family, EGM Work, Youtube, Twitch, I have put a lot on my hands. I’m going to try to go overtime and just sleep less. Im putting in a new plan in order once again. Let’s see how that works for all my little gaming adventures.

ADG Short & Simple Review: Black Ops 2 Featuring Launch Parties & Interviews

As for updates, I did keep my promise of one to two updates to this site a week but I want to do more. I also updated the theme again. Why?! I just can’t find a decent WordPress theme that is free. I been using free themes to save money till I could afford to upgrade. I like this one I’m using now a lot I hope you guys do too. Last but not least Editorial Insight will not be numbered..its a bummer for me to remember what number I am on.  They’re dated anyway within the post.

I’m also aware of the tabs still being there that shouldn’t. I plan on updating those as well. There will be more content coming to this page even if some of the content comes from EGM. I only ask to please check both sites to see if theres something you missed or just to give me a tip. All my money I make comes through impressions and I definitely need it being disabled.

Dunwall City Trials Coming Out This Upcoming Week Adding To More Things To Play!

Enough of the pity party, I want to talk about gaming. Its another week of gaming for me and I definitely feel myself overloaded in that department as well. When i do get 30 minutes to an hour to game, I have a hard time deciding what to do..should it be Halo 4, WWE 13, Call Of Duty Blacks Ops 2, a nice game of Warlords (which I will be reviewing soon) or many of the great titles that have came out the past two month that I haven’t finished.

I would love to hear if you are having a problem with scheduling and deciding to do with your gaming time. Feel free to comment below. If you have an account (I suggest that you register if you haven’t) its an easy as 1 , 2, 3, signing in and speaking your mind.

It’s Your Boi ADG! PEACE! I will be leaving you with some footage of Battlefield 3 Gameplay of the latest expansion Aftermath. Available now for Premium Subscribers on PSN!