THQ recently sat down and spoke with WWE Superstar Ryback about WWE 13, The Feed Me More DLC (which is out now and actually is the WWE Superstar Pack) as well a his rating in the game. Get the full scoop below. I also took the liberty to give you guys details on the pack that is out now. Look for more game-play videos from your boi, ADG later and throughout the day.

  • Available free of charge: Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire.
  • Available individually for 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or $0.99 USD via PlayStation@Network:
  • Championship Title Pack, with 10 new championships from WWE, WCW, ECW and AWA. Available for 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or $1.99 USD via PlayStation@Network.
    • WWE John Cena United States Championship (Word Life)
    • WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    • WCW World Tag Team Championship
    • WCW Hardcore Championship
    • WCW n.W.o. World Heavyweight Championship
    • WCW United States Championship
    • ECW Classic World Heavyweight Championship
    • ECW World Television Championship
    • ECW World Tag Team Championship
    • AWA Classic World Heavyweight Championship

Everything above is included in the Fan Axxess Program. So do yourself a favor and get it all for a discounted price, 1600 MS and $19.99 PSN. Everything you need to lay the Smackdown, All the DLC , the Superstars, Championships, Movesets and more are in the Fan Axxess. Don’t be a jabroni. Coping the fan axxess also gives you exclusive access to DDP and Goldust.