What’s up, Guys! Time to end Halo Week with a review of the Castle Map Pack! The Halo Castle Map Pack is the third edition to the War Games Map Pass.  Released on Halo Week: Drop Shock April 8th for a price of $10.00 USD OR 800 MSP will give players three maps and two new Castle DLC Matchmaking playlists. Like ever other  Halo Map Pack you also get 9 brand new spanking achievements worth a 250 Gamerscore.

I found all the maps to be well made for all types of game modes. If it’s Extraction, Team Infinity, or Capture The Flag these maps are very well design. They fit any game style as way. If you want to snipe to victory or rambo your way across the map.

The gameplay is good and it looks good as well. From gorgeous outside of Daybreak to the inside of the Perdition walkways, gamers will be glad they bought this Map Pack.

For the sake of Short And Simple remaining short and simple let’s round this up!

GET IT! 8/10 

The maps are great but I get the feeling Daybreak could of been designed a little better. That’s just my opinion. Peace!

For more detailed information on Halo 4 Castle maps and all the maps of  Halo 4 visit Halo Waypoint.