Halo 4 came out last year on November 6 2012. The real overdue experience of the Halo franchise finally reached the hands of enthusiastic fans everywhere. I had been playing off and on since the release and I kept pushing back my review due to a busy schedule, personal things, and other things I promised publishers. I finally have the time to tell you guys what ADG thinks of Halo 4 and what better time than Halo Week: Drop Shock! Let’s get started!

When I first inserted Halo 4 into my X-Box 360, I immediately dug into the campaign. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the game looked even the menu’s was amazing and very well designed. When you start the campaign the prologue was amazing , cinematic with a fantastic soundtrack and sounds to headline it. Me and my kids watched in delight and excitement at the amazing beginning of Halo 4. For me being a late fan of the series, not even Halo 3 lived up to the hype of what I heard about the game and I’m still digging into older games of the series developing more love but Halo 4 finally for me lived up to the hype.

The next thing I got into was the multi-player. I was impressed in how the graphics also matched up online. It was like not a single pixel had been degraded for online. The addition to load-outs gave the game’s multi-player what it needed to fit in perfectly with other great multi-player games of this generation. With my love for this plus all the Dew XP codes I had, I pretty much spent months on the multiplayer and cooperative online components.

Speaking of online components, Spartan Ops is a weekly cinematic series with it’s own play-list and great lore of its own. There are hours of game-play with currently 11 Episodes of game-play. Talking about getting your money’s worth!

Graphically, this Halo is amazing. Some people think PlayStation exclusives have graphic capabilities that surpass X-Box exclusives. I’m here to tell you as a PlayStation fan, Halo 4 is that exception.  The graphics are incredible across the board even in the minor details of the background.

I would take the time to give you guys a low down of the story but most of you already know and if you don’t just check out HaloWaypoint.com!

Short & Simple…

Fun Factor: 9
Sound Quality: 9
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Story: 9
Online: 7  A lot of fun but honestly the hit detection has issues still to this day.
Replay Value: 10

Overall Score : 8.9 

Definitely “Play It” Halo 4 Is The Reason You Own A XBox 360!