Gears Of War: Judgment has released its latest batch of DLC with Call To Arms for Season VIP owners. This DLC will give you new skins, a new gun mode and 3 brand new maps. The maps are Blood Drive, Boneyard and Overrun exclusive Terminal.  The new game mode Master Of Arms will take free for all to another level as players use a series a guns to win the game.

Similar to Gun Game, Gun Master, like we have seen in other shooters players must achieve a kill with each gun and advance to the last which is a Reaver in Gears Of War Judgment’s Master Of Arms mode.

Call To Arms 6 new amazing sins for armor and guns will give your more ways to stick out among all the great players of Gears Of War Judgment. This pack will also introduce 10 new achievements for a swagalicious score of 250.

To celebrate this release,  ADG will be bringing you a series of fan videos with commentary from yours truly. From now till April 25th, stay tuned to this posting to catch all the videos.

The DLC will become available to all on April 30th but is now only exclusive to VIP Season Pass holders.

[update 4/24/13] I’m aware there are errors on the thumbnails they will be updated soon. Enjoy.