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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game of the Counter-Strike franchise, not including Counter-Strike Neo or Counter Strike: Online. The game was released on 21 August 2012 on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3 via downloadable packages. Valve & Hidden Path Entertainment bring another game to the series from the roots of their Counter-Strike Source Legacy but how does it stack up?

ADG Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Live Review Talk & Commentary

Gameplay wise the game feels a little dated. Some of the hit detection and collision logic doesn’t always add up and gives it an old feel. So, I suggest Casual Mode as players can pass through each others bodies. Not saying the Competitive mode doesn’t work its just at times a bit of a nuisance. The graphics are ok but could of been better. The online at times is laggy and drops a quite bit of frames. There seems to be a lack of features that we see in online games of today in departments such as customization and unlocks. These are really my only issues with Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

The game offers new maps as well as classic maps, new game modes, new characters, classic content, new weapons (molotovs for the win) and a new Elo Rating. With the Elo Rating , players are matched with others in multiplayer based upon their skill. So, you don’ thave to worry about being MLG right away and can still grow at a nice pace. The game offers a good mix of objective and elimination style gameplay across traditional modes Bomb Defusal & Hostage Rescue and adds a new Arsenal Mode that features the popular gun game mode from Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Launch Trailer

The Playstation 3 version offers some extra choices on how you play. You can choose among the Dualshock 3 controller, the Playstation Move and even a USB Keyboard/mouse.

The PC version of course will have its on set of mods and packages to enjoy. I just hope the game on the console side will get some extra DLC along the way at least.

This game offers a lot for strategic gamers and fans of this series. Fans of Socom and other strategic multiplayer fans will love this game too. Call Of Duty gamers be warn this is a lot different.

Short & Simple
Is It Fun? Yes
Good Gameplay? Yes
Does It Have Good Graphics? Yes… at time it looks dated at times it looks fine
Good Online ? Okay..even though it gets laggy at times
Replayability? Yes
With that being said “PLAY IT!” ..if you love strategic multiplayer shooters