TheBureauXD - BurningPhoto_Landscape_Lo

2K are buzzing about a lot of new news and related assets coming up for Comic-Con all the way up to launch for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. As stated by the 2K’s Alex in an email I received today “I also wanted to give you all the heads up that you’ll be hearing about The Bureau from the 2K team quite a bit in the next 3-4 weeks leading up to launch, as we have a lot of exciting new video assets and information to share! ”

The news begins today and will continue tomorrow with a live action video series. As you can see above, today they released an incredible behind the scenes video. The video features Alyssa Finley, Vice President of Product Development at 2K Marin, and Nico Bihary, Senior Producer at 2K, talking about the various aspects of the game.  On Twitter, they spoke of a new live action series of videos to extend the fiction we seen in the first live action “”Burn Room” trailer. This is 2K’s way of listening to the fans requests for more content like this.

I look forward to what’s to come in pre-launch content for this game.