2K Games and 2K Marin have released the next installment of the live action series for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, “The Interrogation.” In the last video, “The Chase,” you witnessed Agent Ennis Cole (played by Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan) get ambushed by enemies, but his fate is still unknown… In this video, follow Agent Carter as he desperately takes matters into his own hands in order to discover the truth. Watch closely as there are a number of easter eggs throughout the video.

TITLEThe Bureau: XCOM Declassified – “The Interrogation”

DESCRIPTION: Special Agent Carter uses any means necessary to get the truth from an unknown enemy. Will he get the information in time or will it be too late? The Bureau is a covert organization standing as the first and only defense against otherworldly threats. From the shadows, the Bureau guards the world, protects humanity and erases the truth.