2K and 2K Marin are on the scene with another game for the XCOM series. XCOM is known for its tactical gameplay. In The Bureau the same approach is giving within the “Battle Focus” ability. With this ability you develop and execute tactical plans in real-time battle scenarios throughout the campaign. What takes it to another level is being able to freely move your main character where you see fit adding more mobility to the game than ever.

Your mission is set to the stage of 1962 during the height of the Cold War. Your are special agent William Carter, a guy that is used to playing alone now must team up with the Bureau to face a mysterious threat. The Bureau only planned for a Russian invasion but all in all they know they still must stand up and fight this invasion. As the motto says of the launch trailer they must “Survive, Adapt, Win”.

The story is pretty good but where the game excels is the control and strategy the player has in the game. You can even create your squadmates from scratch. You can give them names and more. I created someone with my own real life name and gave them skills and specialization how I saw fit. You can then level each squadmate and William Carter to make them one hell of an agent against this mysterious threat.

The game feature set they give you everything and more to enjoy uncovering the mystery.  From Battle Focus to various tactical options to recall your squad on you to giving them more advanced orders the game delivers. There was a moment I was hit with Deja Vu of some of Tom Clancy‘s best strategic work such as Rainbow Six Vegas 2. This is of course more tactically advanced but for some reason it made me think of my old buddy Rainbow Six Vegas and I’m sure Rainbow fans could enjoy this game as well even if they are unfamiliar with the XCOM series. This is a good place to start.

The feature permadeath make you value your squad more than ever bring realism and no second chances to your game. Last thing you want to do is lose one of the most vital squad mates. I mean think about it after leveling him up he will be hard to replace.

Short And Simple…

The Bureau delivers one of the best cinematic tactical strategy games I have ever seen. This is definitely a must play and a good game for people old and new alike to the series.

Very Cinematic Strategy