Marvel Heroes has begun the era of Patch 1.11. There are many things in here that you have been waiting for – a new hero – The Human Torch, a way to earn the hero that you want to play, an endless gameplay mode, and much more.  Gazillion has been working hard to create a better game experience for you.

The Human Torch is definitely the talk of the town right now. Finally, being officially released and available to purchase or unlock, Human Torch will be the main choice for play. Below you can see my latest Hero Card as well as the official Human Torch telling you insight on the Human Torch.

Gazillion has also raised the drops and XP rates so you can level up your hero and get great loot quicker than before. Also, after getting tons of great feedback, Gazillion Heroes team has been hard at work buffing just about every Hero to make them even more fun to play.

Theres are tons of new reason to join or continue the fight of Marvel Heroes. From new game modes, new areas, new characters and gameplay changes, the world of Marvel Heroes is now even bigger. You can check out the game and get it today at :