The Smurfs 2 are representing now in gaming on multiplatforms. This game will offer gamers with an adventure that follows the second movie of the Smurfs. You will adventure of from the Enchanted Forest all the way to Paris in your quest to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel.

The Smurfs 2 does everything right presentation wise making good usage of the license, which rarely happens with movie game projects. This game is the exception for the Smurf’s “Lalala” song and various good voice overs the sound and presentation will bring you in like no other.  All your favorite characters from the Smurfs are represented in a way that is true to their character all the way down to their specific character skills. As far as movie add ins, the Naughties are here as well as the movie likes of Gargamel and Azrael.



  • Experience the Smurfs adventure just like that from the movie whilst playing through 6 different worlds: Smurf Village, New York City, Spooky Woods, Mountains, Tropics and Paris… Defeat 6 different boss battles including Gargamel, Azrael and the Naughties.
  • Play cooperatively with up to 4 players (local multiplayer) with 9 different playable Smurfs (4 starters and 5 unlockables) with one special ability per character
  • Freeze Potion Super Pose Exploding Gifts Super Jump Magical Floating
  • Collect over 20 different Smurfs while succeeding in the different levels and take them to your Smurf Village HUB.


The only negative things I can say about this game are some of the bump detection in the game. They were plenty of times me and my son had to stay pretty distant from one another when jumping platforms. We would bump into each other a lot and cause our demise of our Smurf essence. It got very annoying toward the end when you have to move across quickly due to platforms disappearing.

Short And Simple…


A Smurf’n Good Time! Play It!