Madden NFL 25 is finally here.  Madden is always ridiculed of being the same game year after year. Fans say that EA doesn’t listen and every game is nothing more than a glorified expensive expansion. I’m here to tell you this year it doesn’t run true.

Before going on about how great this game is, I will tell you what I don’t like about it. Number one, there seems to be an issue in frame drops usually when you drop back to pass, at least on the XBOX 360 version I was given to review. It’s so bad it’s like the game is completely pausing. I even had flashbacks of the beginning days of playing sports games online. I hope this will be patch. They are also silly bumps in collision with the new physics engines occasionally but it usually runs pretty good overall compared to last year.

Madden this year is giving players a chance to run like never before. You can even recover from stumbling with a flick down on the right stick. Don’t worry this isn’t over powered. You only have a small window to pull this off. Only the best of the best will master the stumble recovery. Add in more precision for jukes and back spins and the running game has never been better.

Features are really crazy in this edition of Madden NFL. From controlling the entire ownership of a team, being a coach, controlling the team or the player, the game hold true to the classic EA slogan “It’s In The Game“. Franchises can be connected online this year. XP and skill progression helps you boost your players over the season. You can run drills also to accomplish this feat faster than before.

To be honest it is hard to talk about this game’s improvements in Short And Simple style and honestly I’m not going to even try. Here are the new feature sets offered in the game.



Run Free – Unlock the power, precision and creativity of an NFL ball carrier. Utilize the brand-new precision modifier to call up the perfect move for almost any situation.

  • Precision Modifier – Unleash 30 new moves with the perfect combination of speed, power and elusiveness.
  • Combos – For the first time ever execute combo moves including truck spins, juke spins and more.

Infinity Engine 2 – Year 2 of the award-winning Infinity Engine brings more polished physics and the introduction of the Force Impact system.

  • Physics – Real-time physics and the Force Impact system allows users to feel the big plays on offense and defense; with big hits, stiff-arms and truck moves which provide a more realistic and satisfying feeling than ever before.
  • Running Game Improvements – Madden NFL 25 offers a suite of improvements to the running game, including hard run cutting for direction changes, improved run blocking and new ball carrier avoidance behavior that allows runners to automatically move around blockers and prevent inadvertent collisions.  Furthermore, utilize the new stumble recovery to fight gravity as you scramble for extra yards.
  • Defense – New tackle pursuit angles and “breakdown” behavior create a more authentic defensive experience. Recover quickly when caught out of position to get back into the play, and utilize heat-seeker tackling and more accurate dive tackles to make the play.

Connected Franchise – Cement your legacy as one of the all-time great NFL players or coaches, or step into the front office and run the entire organization with the new Owner mode within Connected Franchise. You now control the ultimate fate of your favorite NFL franchise.

  • Completely Refined Experience – Connected Franchise returns with an entirely new user interface that is focused on accessibility with the new Trade Center and Creation Flow, completely re-tuned progression and legacy score system and refined Draft, Trade and Signing logic. Also, earn XP faster and see quicker progression for your player or coach.
  • Fan-Favorite Features Return – The next evolution of Connected Franchise marks the return of offline 32 team control, transaction log and the ability to import draft classes from NCAA Football 14.
  • New Legends and Media Personalities – New legends and media personalities bring Connected Franchise to life in year two. Recreate the careers of Randall Cunningham, Mike Ditka (as a player or coach), running back William “Refrigerator” Perry and many more. Get insights on your career from Matthew Berry, Peter Schrager and other influential members of the media.
  • Be the #1 Franchise – Increase your team’s clout as you strive to become the highest-value franchise in the NFL.
  • Hire Personnel – Find the coaches, scouts and trainers who fit your needs and give your team the best chance to win.
  • Full Team Control – Set prices, upgrade your stadium and control all aspects of day-to-day operations as an NFL tycoon. If things aren’t working out with your current stadium, rebuild or relocate to an exotic locale like Mexico City or London.
  • Market Players – Acquire popular players and sell their jerseys to increase your yearly profit. Can you find the next NFL superstar?
  • Fan Happiness – Keep the fans happy and reap the rewards. Not all fans are the same, and what works in Philly may not work in Jacksonville.
  • Media Relations – Media personalities will put you on the spot and ask you tough questions about team performance and talent. Choose your words carefully, if you make a bold statement, the fans will hold you to it for weeks or even years.

As you can see EA went all out this year upgrading the Madden experience. There has never been a better time to get in on the experience.  This is the just Madden fans have been waiting for. As a fan of the 2K football series thats been disappointed since the buy out, I am actually very happy with this product and how it represents the NFL. At this point I can only imagine with the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 versions will be like.

Short And Simple…well as simple as I can get with this jam-packed feature set of a game….


PLAY IT! 9/10