As a warming up to GamesCom we have some big news: a new platform! Awesomenauts is coming to PlayStation 4! Ronimo Games has an announcement video and information below.

Ronimo games are going to present at GamesCom Wednesday 21th.

I also been told something nice and similar is scheduled to be announced soon can’t wait to hear more about it.

Awesomenauts coming to PlayStation4!

The alien blastin’ mercenaries of the Awesomenauts will soon add a fourth platform to call home: the PlayStation 4! After selling close to a million copies across the current gen platforms, the sidescrolling MOBA is now making the jump into the next generation!

For the PlayStation 4 version, Ronimo joined forces with Abstraction Games to bring the most recent version of the game to the upcoming console. As such the game will contain all features the extensive PC version has! That means tons of fixes to both code and gameplay, an extra map, more than twice the characters compared to the original release and the ability to customize your looks with DLC skins!

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