It’s 12-12 and the first cosmic thunder of the Starstorm’s galactic fury is upon us! The current early access to the DLC delivers the new character Ted McPain, and a host of customization options.

Ted McPain is also accompanied by two Premium skins: On one hand, there’s Titanium Ted – easily the manliest of all the Awesomenauts. He’s buff, he’s tough, and he’s wearing pants for a change. On the other hand, there’s Party Boy McPain – confident, charming, always in for a good time, and almost wearing less that “no pants”! And as all 80’s heroes, Ted also comes with an awesome new theme song! Treat your ears to Sonic Picnic’s nostalgic masterpiece below:

To see what the expansion is all about, check out the trailer..

The expansion will grow much further in 2014 to contain all content promised in the successful Kickstarter campaign.

This includes:
– 4(!) more characters*
– A new map, the ominous Starstorm station.
– More game customization and a custom games browser.
– A fully featured replay system
Spectator mode

So 2014 promises to be another great year for Awesomenauts!