Wrestling fans rejoice theres another title now available in the Xbox Indies from Action Productions, Action Arcade Wrestling 2. This is a highly anticipated sequel from the wrestling community. Guided and created mainly by Dave Horn’s vision to give you guys the best customization and control ever seen in a wrestling game.

Dave Horn achieves ultimate customization by giving gamers a customizer tool to import there own textures for wrestlers or rings. This is a first to be actually supported by a wrestling game. People have been saying for ages that this is what WWE Games need and they really do to be honest. Well for right now if you want that control you can with Action Arcade Wrestling 2. You can create personalities you love. My game is personally graced with stars like Pyschosis, Ultimate Warrior, Daniel Bryan, Macho Man and more.

The roster is pretty much only limited to what your HDD drive space can hold. You can add hundreds or even thousands if your HDD can handle it.

The movesets have been improved but this is the department that the game is lacking. Despite, the numerous people that wanted to donate a lot of moves had to be ommited. I’m not sure but I’m guess this is due to XBox Live limitations on Indie Game sizes. There are more moves than before but it doesn’t really match all the talent you could put in the game’s roster.

Action Arcade Wrestling 2 succeeds in giving you old school 2.5D wrestling gameplay with complete control by you. Your only limitations are your imagination, your hard-drive, oh and of course the movesets that are available.

Short And Simple…….

For Diehard Wrestling Fans

PLAY IT 6.7/10

The game might not appeal to younger audience who are use to options from WWE franchises. Without use and knowledge of the customizer it will take some time to make creations of your favorite wrestlers. All in all there are communities such as The Wrestling Legends Forum they provide downloads for people that need a little help with their roster. In the end, Action Arcade Wrestling has appeal for Die Hard Wrestling Fans who are looking for a change of pace in wrestling gameplay.

Also, congratulations to Action Arcade Wrestling 2 the first indie game to be featured in ADG Short And Simple Review.

The images in this article with wrestler likenesses and videos where created personally by myself and are not property of Action Production’s Action Arcade Wrestling 2.

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