So, this is the weekend of Double XP for Call Of Duty: Ghost. Some gamer’s maybe enjoying the great action but ADG isn’t. Why is that? Well for the past few days since receiving my review copy on Wednesday, I haven’t been able to connect to the servers.

I am a little bit cautious about reporting this because in today’s word of bloggers, gamers, and journalist with the industry and media get blacklisted from reviews at times just for using their freedom of speech. I thought long and hard and as much as I love Activision/Infinity Ward, who support me tremendously, they need to get on the ball with these connections, hacks, frame rate issues, and other things in this game, no matter the platform.

My connect told me that it was probably PSN maintenance. I thought to myself ; “PSN maintenance is hours away” but I replied with “Ok. Thanks! I think it hasn’t started but I’ll keep trying”. Low and behold, on that day before maintenance I couldn’t connect. Keep in mind the PSN maintennance wasn’t as long as I they said it would be.

Yesterday after tweeting my concerns to @COD, I got a reply from Activsion Support as you can see below.

As you can see, no progress with me getting online and I tried a few minutes before typing this article. My plans were to do my usual impressions with “For The First Time” vids showcasing the campaign, multiplayer, Squads, and Extinction Modes. Right now that isn’t possible for one article so I guess I will have to make do with one.

This posting wasn’t made to completely blast Activision or Infinity Ward but mainly to challenge them to step up. Everyone that has purchased this game has the right to experience it fully on day one and I don’t think that is going on now.