Time for your boi, ADG to break down Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Should gamers play it? Call Of Duty is the most well-known shooter of the video game industryInfinity Ward says that Call Of Duty: Ghosts will raise the bar with their most immersive experience to date.

Starting with the Single-Player Campaign, an unthinkable mass event causes destruction and mayhem across most of America. The world as we know it is not the same. You are a member of the Ghosts defending what’s left of your country.  I have to say the story lives up once again. All the breathtaking cinematics are there just like Infinity Ward promised. Stealth attacks with a fierce dog named Riley, combat in space and more headline this fierce war story.

Moving on to the multiplayer, Call Of Duty: Ghosts offers a great multiplayer experience. I know there hacks online but I’m going to try to put trust in Infinity Ward to try to limit this as much as possible. They’re several new game modes outside of the usual. New multiplayer modes include Squad and ExtinctionExtinction is an out of this world experience that places you in the line of an alien threat for some great co-op action. Squad lets you create your own team, name them, and customize their looks and skills how you see fit. Infinity Ward is also offering an all new create-a-soldier and perk system that makes all these multiplayer modes crazy sweet!

The package of Call Of Duty: Ghosts is pretty decent. Issues that bugged me on the current gen PS3 version are frame drops, bad textures in the stage scenery, and issues with getting online using wireless connections.

Short And Simple….

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is Real!

Play It! 8.6/10