Today, the European Publisher and Developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) released PlanetSide 2’s first major optimization patch to the live servers.  The huge Phase 1 patch of OMFG is now live on the European PlanetSide 2 servers!

This first phase of OMFG includes optimized UI, physics, sound, player processing, rendering code and more. These improvements will allow PlanetSide 2 players to experience a significant increase in frame rate and performance. In many cases, players will see a 30%+ improvement in frame rates. The team will continue to elevate the game’s optimization levels, focusing on engineering improvements to the visibility and physics systems for Phase 2 of OMFG.

For full details on Phase 1 of OMFG, please visit this page.

For more info on OMFG, please see these recent posts from Technical Director Ryan ElamPhase 1 on Test Servers

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