ADG took the time out to go one on one with Renee Raudman. She is the femme action hero Natasha Romanenko of the best-selling (6 millions copies and counting), critically-acclaimed video game “Metal Gear Solid series. Renee Raudman not only voices the character of Natasha, but she voiced acted in several TV shows, movies, audio books and did various things in entertainment and more. ADG and Renee Raudman takes you behind the actress’s career giving you insight on who she really is.

In this interview, you will learn that in addition to MGS, she’s voiced characters for loads of other video games including “Everquest II,” “Socom II, and other games. Did you know that Renee Raudman was a business woman? Did you know that she was the voice of Billy and Mandy‘s Ms. Butterbean. All this in an incredible casual sit down conversation with Renee Raudman who is currently one of the most sought-after voiceover and audio narrators in the entertainment industry. With nearly 300 audio books under her belt, Renee Raudman is an icon in the entertainment industry.

If you interested in some of the audio books under Renee Raudman’s belt, see the links below the video for Audible and iTunes.