Disney Infinity has wrecked havoc since it’s release this year. They continue to keep the game a fresh with figurines, play sets and toy box packs throughout the season. It’s time ADG hits a special review impression in my 21st video of Disney Infinity.

First up starting today will be Rapunzel sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. She’s going to only be available there till participating retailers get a chance to sell her early next year. She’s one of 3 figures that will be exclusive to stores this fall. Wreck It Ralph (Best Buy) and Vanellope (Target) will also be exclusive when they hit stores this week.

Rapunzel comes from the amazing movie and land of Tangled. She is the master of the iron skillet. She parades across Disney Infinity worlds with her luxurious really long blonde hairRapunzel is very useful at delivering attack from a distance tossing pans. This attack is very effective and usually destroys her foes before they come close. If enemies manage to get close to Rapunzel she manages to dropkick, iron skillet head bash, iron skillet spin combo them out of their misery.

Her adventure named Rapunzel’s Rail Ride. In this adventure, you can go solo or with a friend collecting lanterns while riding and jumping rails before the time runs out.  I thinks it’s very fun. It is one of my personal favorite figurine specific adventures, yet. You can see the adventure in the above game-play video with impressions.

Rapunzel – DISNEY INFINITY Character on Disney Video
While seeing Rapunzel in action makes you want to experience a Tangled Play Set (there are power discs that add Rapunzel/Tangled assets to the game) for Disney Infinity.  Rapunzel is very fun and useful. In the words of my daughter

“Beautiful & Amazing!”