It seems like it was only a few years ago when I first played Soul Calibur II. I remember the game had exclusive characters across platforms. Nintendo had Link from the Zelda franchise. PlayStation had Tekken’s Heihachi Mishimi. Xbox got Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. I ironically chose to get on Nintendo’s GameCube because I felt Zelda actually fitted the universe of Soul Calibur better.

Heihachi and Spawn can now go head to head

Now with the new release of Soul Calibur II, gamers can return back to that same action in an HD format with online. Namco also allows us to us Spawn and Heihachi on both versions on XBLA and PSN. For understandable reasons, Link didn’t make the cut.

When it comes to features in Soul Calibur II HD Online all the original modes come back in new HD glory. from Weapon Master, the text-based story that tells the tale of the warrior of your choice, to Arcade, Team Battle, Practice and more you will get plenty of game-play for your money. In the beginning, most of your time probably we’ll be unlocking new fighters and weapons in Weapon Master mode.

When it comes to presentation in fighting games, Soul Calibur is well-known for that. It’s iconic narrations before battle, the voice filled menus, great soundtrack that are in Soul Calibur II can rival even present fighting games to date.

Short And Simple…

The Classic Is Back Online In HD!

PLAY IT! 7.5/10 

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