ADG is running down his top 10 Youtube videos of the year for you. 10 of the most watched from my viewers across the web from Youtube, AntDaGamer.Com and EGM. Keep in mind these videos are are representation of only what my viewers watched the most this year and in my opinion aren’t a true representation of my best work or commentary. Plus, there are tons of games being played on the channel talked about and reviewed. With that being said, let’s get started.

10. WWE 2K14 : The Shield & Curtis Axel Highly Possible 

I’m a little embarrassed about this one. Every year I make a video set about the upcoming wrestling game and my impressions and theories about the upcoming game. While I nailed The Shield being in WWE 2K14 this year, I missed on Curtis Axel. I’m still confused on Curtis Axel not making the roster. The fact that The Shield is in shows he should of been in. Nonetheless this video was very entertaining to you guys and I appreciate you guys checking it out!

9. Mutants Genetic Gladiators Official Trailer

It’s no doubt that as a blogger/journalist, I am always trying to inform my viewers and readers about the latest news. This trailer which one of 100’s that was uploaded this past year got more views than any other. This trailer is about one of the most entertaining new Facebook games of 2013.  I also reviewed this game and featured it in a “First Time” article.

8. Let’s Talk WWE 2K14 #3 – Yes! D-Bry Is On The Cover 

In the third edition of Let’s Talk WWE 2K14, I spoke on my opinions on Daniel Bryan making his first appearances on the cover of WWE 2K14. Although his cover is the alternate cover it was very important to me in WWE 2K14 cover history. He is my cover choice as I type.

7. Let’s Talk WWE 2K14 #5: Exclusive Look At 30 Years Of Wrestlemania Mode

I was blessed by 2K this year to have exclusive footage for 30 Years Of WrestleMania mode for WWE 2K14. This new mode is similar to WWE 13’s Attitude mode. Instead of it focusing on the Attitude Era.

6. Disney Epic Mickey 2 – Power Of Two – A Family Reunion Part Episode 1-3

ADG subscribers found a new love for Disney this past year. Among all the great games Disney created this past year. Disney Epic Mickey 2 Power Of  Two remained on top of the mountain of all other Disney games and other video games for that matter. This episode was all about the adventure to OsTown.

5. Disney Epic Mickey 2 Power Of Two – A Small Mystery Episode 2-1

The love for Disney Epic Mickey 2 Power of Two continues with number 5. This shows the diversity of the channel fans and that they have love for more than just wrestling games. This episode of Disney Epic Mickey 2 showcases Blot Alley.

4. Disney Epic Mickey 2 Power Of Two – A Family Reunion Episode 1-2

Disney Epic Mickey 2 as you can see had a major presence. This video is all about the beginning of the game, Dark Beauty Castle and various areas of Mean Street.

3. WWE 2K14 : Let’s Talk #6: 30 Years Of WM Match List Discussion And Screenshot Showcase

All I can say is wow. Not because the subject matter because I think that’s what saved this video. The quality of the audio was really lacking. I was too low and my host, KingOfNoobs was too loud. Regardless, fans found the content and talk worthy enough to overlook it. This video was about me and KingOfNoobs opinions on the 30 Years Of WrestleMania mode match listing that was discussed. There was also screenshots showcased in this video that wasn’t previously released.

2. WWE 2K14 : How To Beat Streak Mode With Brock Lesnar & Tips

If I could pick my number one out of most watched it would be this one. This is a favorite cause similar to what I do on my play-throughs. I got to lay back, cut the fool on commentary and just enjoy the game. This video is constantly getting replies everyday with people sharing their experiences with trying to defeat The Undertaker in Beat The Streak Mode.

1. WWE 2K14 : How To Unlock Everything With The Season Pass In WWE 2K14

Once again my number one video is on how to unlock everything In the latest wrestling game of the year. This time up it’s WWE 2K14. WWE 2K14 contains more unlockables than ever before and with Season Pass you can get the accelerator and unlock all content on day one. You can also get extra characters that include exclusive Outsider DLC. How did this make number one with all the other great commentaries and gameplays on the channel. I think cause it’s informative and contains numerous links to my WWE 2K14 coverage. People come in and ask various questions there related to WWE 2K14 everyday. While this isn’t a representation of the most entertaining or creative video it is very informative for the crazy wrestling game fan-base ADG has.

Hope you guys enjoyed this countdown. I will try to do others during my half of a vacation. I hope you guys continue to enjoy my Youtube in 2014 as I look to improve and keep you guys entertained.