I’ve implemented many changes in ADG Short And Simple Review over the past year. The thing I realized is that the reviews aren’t simple. Maybe, I let some of the haters rethink my writing and what I put in it. I’m going to say from this day forth to get things done in a quicker fashion, you will probably get 2 to 3 paragraph reviews maybe less if it’s a throwback review. What is a throwback review. We’ll it’s games that are not exactly new that I will be going back playing and reviewing. Some that I have in line are old wrestling games like WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 or shooters of the past year that I never reviewed like Battlefield 4. I just wanted to let you guys know things will get back to being simple. A few paragraphs and the usual score sheet. This is also to help me get things done quicker as I do all of this on my own working two websites, my YouTube , Twitch and being a very active parent. Hope, you guys still enjoy ADG Short And Simple Reviews!

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