Reason has took the time to show gamer’s love in there June Issue. Reason who are known for their news and knowledge in entertainment and political news dives into the video game industry. Reason magazine’s special edition “Video Game Nation” explores how gaming is making America free and more fun. Reason’s June issue is online now and features:

The Gamer Congressman
“I’m definitely a gamer,” declares Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) in the cover story

Exclusive Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Play Video Games, 16 Percent Play Frequently 
The Reason-Rupe poll finds gamers don’t like to be told how to live their lives

Are Video Games Art?
Why video games should be taken as seriously as novels, films, and other forms of creative expression

A Short History of Game Panics 
From arcades to Doom to Mortal Combat to Grand Theft Auto

Gaming for Good: Are Slacker Gamers the New Super-Philanthropists?
Zynga players have contributed more than $18 million to nonprofit organizations around the world

Video Games Build Strong Brains
Too often treated as a social vice rather than a supplement to veggies and fresh air, research shows video games may actually be good for you

“A Multiplayer Game Environment Is Actually a Dream Come True for an Economist”
The in-house economist for the company behind Half-Life and Portal explains what video games can teach us

Video: Tax Breaks for Game Makers = EPIC FAIL
Video games are the most heavily subsidized industry in America, but are these subsidies creating enough economic growth to justify their cost?

Video: 10 Hilarious Anti-Game Quotes
Some of today’s politicians and pundits really, really, really hate video games. Here are 10 great quotes that bring the stupid like Grand Theft Auto brings the awesome

Video Games Every Libertarian Should Play
With themes like politics, bioethics, individual freedom, and the nature of choice, these six games are sure to appeal to libertarians

Reason’s special video game issue is available here:

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