First off, to celebrate the launch of the full P4AU website, Atlus has confirmed that Tohru Adachi and his Persona Magatsu-Izanagi will be joining the version of Person 4 Arena Ultimax as DLC for the Americas. Not only that, but he will be free to download for the first week after launch on both consoles. After the first week, Adachi will revert to paid DLC.

Next up is EVO 2014! First, ATLUS will be there with P4AU for hands-on demos at the biggest Fighting Game Community event of the year. If you’re going, definitely swing by and say “hi” to Atlus.
Atlus is also chipping in $1,000 (and some other ATLUS goodies) as a total prize purse for an original Persona 4 Arena side tournament at EVO. Registration is being handled by Dustloop, and will be held on-site up until 1 hour before the pool play begins. More information as it comes will be posted on the official thread here:

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