ADG back again for a Short And Simple Review with the contraversial Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark from Activision and weirdly instead of High Moon we have Edge Of Reality. Also another first is the bridging of Paramount’s Earth Transformers and Activision’s Cybertron series. This review will be from the eyes of someone who grew up watching the first generations of Transformers, who has played all the games, seen the movies and generally love and care about products of Transformers.


The story is about the Dark Spark. As Optimus Prime and great legends say for everything in the universal their is an opposite. For every good their is an even evil. The Dark Spark is the opposite entitity of The Matrix. In a state where the Autobots are losing a war against the Decepticons. The Dark Spark must be kept out of The Decepticons hands.


This game has three Optimus Primes! YES!


The gameplay works pretty much like past High Moon Transformer Games. Those games was the best Transformers games that finally made fans of the Transformer brand proud. The perks, hacks and more they added in the game give you a new way to play and level up your character. Your level carries across to the popular escalation mode (which is improved too with 4 player coop madness) for the first time in the series. Bottomline, the gameplay is fine.

Other Notable Impressions

Slow Story Buildup: I have noticed during my gameplay that the storyline isn’t as catchy and action packed as I expected. The story is definitely a slow build up.

No Versus Multiplayer: The lack of multiplayer is also a mystery. The Activision Transformer community has also complained about this on the forums.

Missing Movie Characters: This game was headlined alone the movie Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Yet there are a few important Earth counterpart characters missing from the movie.

Graphics Aren’t Impressive: For next gen the graphics are a letdown. They aren’t bad. They just don’t look next gen.

Short And Simple..

A Good Experience In Disquise

7.8 / 10

*Review copy on PS4 was provided by Activision PR *

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