ADG is prone and deep in the trenches in North Africa for a Short And Simple Review , Sniper Elite 3 Style. Sniper Elite 3 brings it’s action to multiple consoles including  pc and next gen systems, the XBox One and PlayStation 4.

The following review was done on the PS4*



The time is 1942 and the place is North Africa. Germany is building a weapon to destroy any Allied forces in its way. The Afrika Korps, and a division of Tiger Tanks look to stop you. You must prevent their plans so the resistance can prevail.




The gameplay is very hard from my experience on the PS4. This game is definitely for the hardcore. The controls aren’t really the issue. The issue comes from the game’s stage design and layout. Sometimes there are two many enemies in areas that you need to infiltrate making it a pain. That doesn’t make the game bad..that makes the game irritating. The good thing is Rebellion and 505 do a good job at making you feel good about your sniping skills that you keep playing.



The multiplayer runs smooth at this point on PS4. There was issues with matchmaking at the beginning so I delayed my review.  The online is strategic and fun. You can choose to snipe , go straight assault or kill fools the stealth way. The multiplayer isn’t ground breaking but it’s the best of the series adding things you should expect in good online gameplay.




  • Free Multiplayer Maps & Updates Incoming On All Consoles
  • Be Prepared For A Challenge Even On Easy Settings
  • Good Replayability
  • DLC Add-Ons That Include Additional Stories Are Available With More On The Way
  • Better Visuals Than What People Are Saying ( From My Experience On PS4*)


Short And Simple…..

A Good Challenging Fun Sniping Experience


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