It’s Madden Season don’t ask why? Just get ready for it in ADG’s Short And Simple Review. Madden has been the subject for ridicule over the years with praise and well..not so much praise. Especially after they acquired the rights to the NFL to be the only ones to publish games and stop the competion from 2K and the NFL 2K series. Does Madden NFL do enough this year to warrant a purchase. Let’s talk about!




The lastest Madden NFL entry wants to give you more moves than ever before. implementing a new breed a defense moves complete with a new defensive camera. The defense have new pass rush moves, new tackling system, improved coverage logic and more. The offense also has a slew of new changes mostly notable in the running game. Some may even say it’s a bit too powerful but I beg to differ.



Last year, I tried to make my Madden review Short And Simple but I feel I failed. There’s just so many features to run them all down in a few paragraphs. So this year I want to talk about notable and new information that matters the most to your purchase only.

First and foremost I want to mention the changes I think mean the most to this years game. Presentation and commentary is the best so far in this series. I hate to bring up the old competition of NFL 2K but it’s almost there. Yeah I know year’s later but old 2K fans would appreciate the presentation ; minus the halftime show doesn’t have a host and studio.


Gameplay is smooth and what you come to expect for the Madden NFL series. Most notably are the animations for various things on the field such as the catching, sideline interactions, and when the players are piled up in a tackling war.



Be aware that some may have issues with the new running game. At times it does seem a little broken. I will say I’ve learned to limit it through certain play picks at the right time. So use the new community pick play system to help improve your game on the pass.

The play call system has changed. I like it to an extent but at first you will hate it if you are used to the old way you will at times pick the wrong play.

Notable Cool Things

– The game starts up with a crazy interactive experience between the Seahawks and Panthers with amazing presentation.

– All the old modes such as Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team better than ever.

– The ability to change to different camera views at the flick of a button.

– Community Picks to help give you new ways to win and get out of jams based on what’s been successful online and in situations with your friends and players.

– Skills Trainer & The Gauntlet will teach you all the basics and beyond and make you a better player.

– improved models with more life-like faces and even tattoos!


Short And Simple…




*available on multiple consoles past and current gen plus PC. Personally reviewed on PS4*