2K and Gearbox Software are excited to reveal their ambitious all-new IP, Battleborn, in action for the very first time! In the video that’s below, you’ll learn what Battleborn is straight from creative director Randy Varnell and lead writer Aaron Linde, and you’ll witness the world premiere demonstration of Battleborn’s cooperative campaign.

Battleborn’s story is set in a distant sci-fi fantasy future, where all but one star in the universe has gone dark at the hands of the vicious Varlesi. A single solitary beacon of hope remains – the last star, Solus. In the wake of the chaos, different species of survivors take refuge in the Solus system and form five factions based on their beliefs. Heroes called battleborn emerge from each faction and fight for what little resources are left in the system. Now, the Varelsi are threatening to finish what they’ve started, and only a united team of the universe’s most powerful heroes can stop them.

 Playable Heroes: Battleborn has a deep roster of playable heroes and no two heroes are the same. For example, Rath is a samurai sword-wielding melee specialist. Oscar Mike fires an assault rifle and plays like a familiar space marine. Thorn is a dangerous archer who can also deal damage through magical attacks. There are many, many more battleborn heroes, and each has unique weapons, powers, and personalities that, through the accelerated character growth system, can be fully experienced in a cooperative campaign mission, or over the course of a single competitive multiplayer match.


Cooperative Campaign: Battleborn’s team-based cooperative campaign is a narrative experience playable with up to four other friends online, and through splitscreen, much like Borderlands. Player profile experience is earned during cooperative campaign play, will cross over to competitive multiplayer matches and vice versa.

 Competitive Multiplayer: Battleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer has many modes that are unique to the new hero-shooter experience, like Incursion, which we recently debuted during Battleborn’s announcement. The team-based matches take place across a variety of worlds and maps, just like the cooperative campaign.
The Battleborn:
In the wake of the chaos caused by the Varelsi, different species of survivors take refuge in the Solus system and form five factions based on their beliefs.
 The Peacekeepers are sworn protectors of Solus;
 The Eldrid are preservers of the natural order of the universe;
 The Rogues are mercenaries only concerned with their own survival;
 The Last Light Consortium are war profiteers, exploiting others for their own gain;
 The Jennerit Empire rule others by force, valuing power above all else.

The Battleborn:
Battleborn has a deep roster of playable heroes. No two heroes are the same, and each has their own unique weapons, powers, and personalities that are balanced for FPS gameplay. Through Battleborn’s accelerated character growth system, every hero can be fully experienced in a single cooperative campaign mission, or competitive multiplayer match. The following are six heroes that have been demonstrated:

Oscar Mike: The consummate soldier, Oscar Mike fights for the Peacekeepers faction, pushing the frontlines in the conflict for the last star. With Tactical Rounds, frag and pulse grenades, Oscar Mike is the tier-one choice for fans of military shooters. His ultimate ability, Airstrike assures that each match will smell like…victory.

Miko: The Varelsi all but destroyed Miko’s race of mycenoids when they wiped out their star. Once, their collective consciousness formed a planet-wide fungal mega colony. Now, Miko stands virtually alone with the Eldrid faction for control of the last star, Solus. Miko’s diverse applications of fungal weaponry and spores make him a strong support character, able to both deal damage with Cloud of Spores and heal his teammates with his Poultice ability. To turn the tide of battle, Miko’s ultimate ability, Fungus Among Us simultaneously wreaks havoc among enemies while healing allies.

Thorn: This lithe Eldrid warrior brings speed and agility to the battlefield and deadly arrows to her enemies. Able to send volleys of arrows or fey curses to slow her opponents, Thorn will strike and control the battlefield. Her ultimate ability, Apex Predator summons a scalewolf to crush her enemies in a tide of blood and fangs.

Montana: A giant of a man fighting for the Peacekeepers faction, Montana wades into battle with a Gatling gun under his arm and an encouraging spirit for his teammates. Montana’s Gatling gun creates a wall of pain for his enemies and his Hailstorm ammunition ensures they stick around to take it. When it’s time to bring the fight to his opponents mano a mano, Montana’s ultimate ability, Mansformation, transforms his giant frame into an unstoppable force of impact.

Rath: Once a member of the imperial guard on the Jenneritt home world, Tempest, Rath left the trappings of politics to hone and perfect his skill with the sword. As an upper caste member of his culture, Rath is an immortal being from all but violent ends, yet he can still be found on the battlefield risking all for glory and the Jenneritt Empire. Unlike many battleborn, Rath is melee focused bringing mobility and swordsmanship to a frontline dominated by ranged weapons, yet his skill in wielding his katanas makes him a terror to behold. To help wade through the flotsam, Rath’s Genetic Syphon ability allows him to drain the health of his enemies and his ultimate ability, Dreadwind creates a wall of evisceration to bring the empire a step closer to control of Solus.

Marquis: As both an aristocrat and a robot, Marquis represents his faction, the Last Light Consortium well as a combination of taste and technology. Ever the gentleman, Marquis fires both refined quips and deadly-accurate sniper rounds across the battlefield, each appropriate and all well placed. Marquis embodies the final edge of technology, using abilities such as Time Dilation to slow his enemies, and his robotic owl Hoodini watches over the battlefield ready to destroy itself in a sacrificial burst of fire. Marquis’s ultimate ability, Overcharge Blast, deals immense damage upon impact.

The Solus System is vast and the battleborn will find themselves in conflict on the different home worlds of each of the five factions, and different locations within each world, called zones. Each world comes with its own unique look and feel and strategic environmental nuances. Here are two examples of these worlds/zones.

Tempest: Home world of the advanced and immortal Jennerit Empire. Tempest is reminiscent of a sci-fi gothic-cathedral as an amalgamation of both beauty and cold-hearted precision.

Ekkunar: Home world of the Eldrid, Solus’ most hospitable planet, with lush flora allowed to thrive due to the Eldrid’s passive adoration of nature.


ADG is looking forward to what’s to come with Battleborn with Gearbox and 2K putting their vintage talents behind this it’s looking to be one of the best games of this generation.