A brand new mobile app is set to fly up the charts of the App Store when it’s launched later this week, with a set of brain-teasing quiz questions that will have even the most avid trivia lovers scratching their heads.

Dead Giveaway is a quiz game with a difference – the perplexing questions come with a number of clues to help players along the way, and the whole thing is hosted by a mysterious undead presenter, Zom B. Romero…spooky!

The app tests how well players know their pop culture. How many users does Facebook have? What is Homer Simpson’s favourite drink? Which company calls its new employees ‘Noogles’? Dead Giveaway tests just how much attention players really have been paying to the world around them, earning coins for their correct answers.

When players get the correct answer to a question, they get an amount of coins to add to their total. But if they need an extra hint to guess the next question and progress to the next level, they can use their accumulated coins as a bribe to the undead host – for the right amount, players can acquire an extra clue to help them figure out the answer.

With a plethora of quiz games on the App Store nowadays, what makes Dead Giveaway different from the rest? For a start, the questions are 100% original and fun – there are no boring history questions or science-related topics that will bore children and adults alike. All of the questions feature relevant and interesting characters, companies, songs, films and other modern elements that the quiz world is short of.

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The theme of the quiz is also great fun, with a distinct undead zombie as the lead host of the entire app. The quirky presenter offers insights into the correct answers every step of the way – and is first on hand with some sarcastic input whenever you need to pay for an extra clue!

Vijay Sharma of Dead Giveaway says, “I’m thrilled to be launching the brand new app on the App Store. It’s been a long time coming after extensive design work, and we’ve put plenty of research into every element – especially the questions, which are unlike any other quiz questions out there right now.”

He adds, “We hope quiz fans love the design, the questions and our lovable zombie quiz host, Zom B. Romero.  We called him that in homage to famous zombie movie director George A. Romero and we think he’s spook-tacular!”

The app is available from Apple’s App Store at: app/dead-giveaway/id862373503? ls=1&mt=8