ADG is back and reviewing a franchise that he has spent lots of time on with Disney Infinity 2.0. Disney Infinity 2.0 brings new characters, play sets, introduces Marvel Super Heroes to the franchise and more. In this review, we focus on the main changes you can expect in Disney Infinity 2.0 with it’s Toy Boy and game features. I will critique and review the play sets in their own individual reviews.



The world of Disney Infinity is about wherever your imagination can go. Disney Interactive gave this Disney Infinity universe its signature series by creating a Toy Box mode that allowed gamers to make whatever their heart desires. You are only limited by what you have unlocked through feats, play set missions or purchased. Even if you haven’t purchased items you can enjoy them in the large variety of Toy Box 2.0 creations online.

New in this years Toy Box 2.0 are Creators. With these creators you can build a world in minutes based on different themes such as tree-house levels,  battle arenas and more. You also have Builders (NPCs) gamers can drop in their toy box to add more detail in your word for you.  While these do help younger players there still a learning curve with building meaningful toy boxes.

Gone are the mini-games called adventures that was once connected to each character in 1.0. They’ve been replaced with Toy Box Game discs that give you classic dungeon crawler and tower defense gameplay. I found these discs very useful for co-op gameplay and an escape from play sets and game modes. It’s simply just shoot, attack and have fun gameplay. You gotta love that.


Disney Infinity 2.0 main interface offers a great new upgraded portal.  I have to admit at times I expected more. Theirs tons of new stuff from building your on room in My INterior (get it..IN..terior), Toy Box Game Maker, Text Creator and more. It just seems as it falls a little short in my expectations. It is more options and help to build levels and expand your fun and imaginations but it still takes time to master.



  • New Ranking System For Characters
  • Characters From 1.0 are playable and even carry over levels and a chance to place extra skills on them.
  • Toy Box Unlocks from 1.0 carry over as well.
  • 1.0 Play Sets do not work with 2.0
  • Increased Storage for Toy Boxes. Save up to 300
  • Expanded Community offering a Newsfeed screen, like and search user-generated Toy Boxes. There’s even an ability to share directly with friends.
  • More objects can be placed in levels *at least on current gen, not sure about past gen*
  • More interactive objects. Even objects such as the Sword In The Stone have improved.
  • Getting in vehicles activates the proper music for them. For instance, the Gravity Falls Golf Cart activates the Gravity Fall Theme when you hop in.


Short And Simple…..


Disney Infinity’s Infinite World Just Got Bigger & Better!

9.2/10 Play It!

  *PlayStation 4 was the console version used for this review*