One of the greatest new Marvel franchises Guardians Of The Galaxy recently hit the big screen. Disney Infinity 2.0 picked up on the simple brilliant idea to also bring this world to Disney Infinity 2.0 in a playset. You control all the major characters from the movie. The play set itself brings you Star-Lord and Gamora. You can buy Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. Coming later to this play set and for your toy box will be Ronan and Yondu.

The story is about Star-Lord and his fellow Guardians protecting Knowhere from Ronan and the attacking Sakaaran fleet. They also carry the responsibility of keeping a powerful cosmic object from Ronan’s reach. The story has a very slow start and when it picks up then it’s almost over. The story is a little above average and does just enough to keep you playing.


The missions are a little repetitive but I give them credit for trying to pull off some new things with this play set. Sitting in a turret shooting at the Sakaaran fleet is a great idea. The problem is the area seems dense and it’s just missing something that I really can’t put my finger on.


This play set brings a lot of platforming to the player in its missions outside of normal action and defense style gameplay. The gameplay works good but I don’t think players will like always like hauling around fuel cells in missions and outside them to get around. Gameplay overall works well in character control and does enough to keep you playing. I just didn’t find it fulfilling as the first play set , The Avengers I played.



Short And Simple……


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Not Really The Best Play Set But It Works