ADG wants you to know that tonight Bungie , is welcoming you to hunt down noobies and destroy them. If you can. Today , on their blog they made the following posting:

The Welcoming Committee executes a crucial mission. Unlike the Ninja, who lives to mete out justice, the Mentor exists to serve. They answer your questions when you’re lost or confused. They point youin the direction of helpful resources you can use to enhance your player experience or solve your problems. If theyidentify you as a new citizen of our community, they might just issue forth with a kind word (something we could all use more of on the Internet).

You are cordially invited to blast these good guys to luminous bits on our virtual field of battle. Why would you want to do that to such a pleasant group of people? Because if you can, we’ll give you this…
Please be forewarned: in Destiny, these gamers aren’t helpful stewards of community. Once Guardian armor is donned, the Mentors become killers. Just like you – stone cold and eager for victory. If they see you on the other team, they won’t exchange pleasantries or advice. They’ll open fire with terrible munitions and divine magic.
This is why we’ve placed a Bounty on their pretty little heads.
Thursday, October 30th
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4*
The hunt is on, and your prey will be suited up with a unique emblem all their own. Set your destination for the Crucible. If you’re matched against a team including some of the following (led by me), you’ll have a chance at glory.
Come and reap. Or watch on Twitch!
We’re ready to Mentor you in the fine art of war.
It’s been awhile since ADG fired up Destiny and this will make some good content and memories for my Youtube and other pages. So, I will be there. Will You? See you on Crucible, if you dare!