Starting today, November 4th 2014, Disney Interactive has unleashed the Disney Originals to the land of Disney Infinity 2.0. Merida one of the stars of Disney hit movie, Brave is a part of this new era in Disney Infinity entertainment.



Merida is a very headstrong Disney Pixar Princess that uses her impressive athletic skills as an archer and sword fighter to fight enemies in Disney Infinity just like in the movie Brave. Merida at first comes across as very weak with her bow attacks and combos. As you lever her up she then becomes a fighting machine like no other. Very effective for long-range attacks. Her play style is very effective for toy boxes that acquire keeping enemies at bay.



Merida is also voiced with some great lines in the game that will make her noticeable in your Toy Box games. She will speak of her father, talk about the lands and characters around her and more.

ADG recommends Merida’s Disney Infinity 2.0 character. She is definitely a purchase.

PLAY IT! 8/10

*ADG will be reviewing all the figures in the future! So Stay Tuned!