Today, 2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced new information about the third Hunter in Evolve’s Trapper class – Abe.

As a bounty hunter, smuggler, and thief, Abe is arguably the sneakiest and most complex of the 12 Hunters that ship with Evolve. Like every Trapper, Abe deploys the mobile arena that traps the Monster and allows the Hunters to bring the fight. That’s about where Abe’s similarities end, though because his Custom Shotgun, Tracking Dart, and Stasis Grenade allow him to track, hunt, and contain the Monster in entirely new and unique ways.




Full Details on the Official Evolve Blog: http://evolvegame.com/news/introducing-evolves-third-trapper-abe

Tune in to the official Evolve live stream this Friday, November 7 at 3pm PT to see Abe in action in-game.