The Disney Originals are here for Disney Infinity 2.0 and Maleficent is with them making her entrance. Using sorcery and magic Maleficent can be an enemy or an ally in your Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box.



Maleficent comes fully equip with skills you should expect. One to speak of is her raven Diaval and many other of her ravens will strike down on all that oppose her. She can also summon thorns from below, fly , dash and attack in magical fashion just like you would expect from the likes of Maleficent. She even has evil laughs and commentary.


I don’t have many issues with this figurine, at all. Even at level one Maleficent was very worthy on the playing field of the Toy Box. If there is one thing I would say her health seem lower than other characters at first.


Me and Da ADG Kids love playing as her. My son probably even played as her more than his younger sister but he does have a hidden evil mastermind. Playing as Malificent will let you do just that and go wherever your imagination can take you.

Simply Maleficent!