KOEI TECMO Europe today announced pre-order bonus DLC details and an updated launch date of 27 February 2015 for the tactical action game, DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires. The pre-order bonus DLC available for the PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One versions include the following: Edit Armour Set 1 (for male characters), which will be available for those who pre-order through GAME and Edit Armour Set 2 (for female characters), available to those who pre-order via ShopTo.net or the PlayStation Network. A third DLC, the Special Costume Set (Date Mashamune, Guan Yinping, Guo Jia and Tenko costumes) will be available via Independent retailers through CentreSoft.

Additionally, the company released the epic opening movie, images and video for the new character, Xun Yu as well as new weapons. Xun Yu, from the Wei Kingdom, favors the “Formation Rod” and was known as the “King’s Gifted Adviser” due to the brilliant strategies and advice he dispensed. His keen insight and large network of acquaintances has made him skilled at evaluating people, resulting in the discovery of many adept officers.

New, favoured weapons for 9 different characters in DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires include:

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Deng Ai’s “Revolving Crossbow” which can be used for long and short-range attacks and is capable of rapidly firing multiple arrows, Guan Suo’s “Sabatons” which are equipped on the feet, focused solely on kicks and able to launch combo attacks in the air, Lianshi’s “Mandarin Duck Hooks” which makes up for its short reach with sheer speed that she wields in both hands, Liu Shan’s agile “Dragon Column” known for its variety of special counterattacks, Meng Huo’s hefty “Stele” that transform into a palm tree or other items during Strong Attacks, Sun Quan’s “Flame Blade”, a well-rounded powerful sword, enveloped in flames with fast attack speed at distances both near and far, Wang Yi’s “Emei Piercers” used primarily by assassins has a short reach, but is capable of multiple rapid attacks, Xiaoqiao’s “Paired Fans” which can create a flurry of small tornadoes that fly freely in the air, and last but not least, Yueying’s “Bladebow”, which combines a crossbow with a short-range sword that fires a homing arrow after multiple shots are executed.

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